Saturday, February 12, 2011

Purple Two Floors Mall/Shop

The Purple Two Floors Mall/Shop is now for sale in my shop on the SL Marketplace with the below description:

"Thank you for taking interest in the Purple 2 Floors Mall/Shop.

The item is COPY/MOD/NO TRANSFER so I won't do any refunds. Please read the description carefully and look at the pictures before you decide to purchase.
This is a very low prim building, only 16 prims without the accessories (28 in total) with a 50x50 foot print plus the entrance step.
The package contains:
-the two floors purple mall/shop
-10 different displays
-2 different wall dividers should you decide to turn it into a mall and rent the spaces

All packaged into a rezzer so you can place it anywhere easily and move it around. There is also an instruction card on how to rezz your shop.
-copy/mod - you can change the textures of the displays if you don't like the default ones
-sliding door (needs reset only once , right before the building is rezzed)
-window tint system, menu driven, individual tinting or all together

Once you purchased this item, read and follow the instruction card very carefully. Please send a Notecard or IM Ariana Monaron with any questions you might have.
Thank you

Dividing wall in two different textures (copy/mod) - 1 prim each

Purple Mall/Shop full frontal, clear windows

Purple Mall/Shop full frontal, tinted windows

Purple Mall/Shop full frontal, open sliding door

Set of 10 different displays, 1 prim each, copy/mod so you can change the textures as you wish

Purple Mall/Shop interior ground floor

Purple Mall/Shop interior first floor


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