Wednesday, March 2, 2011

..::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS Asian Relaxation Tatami with Animation and Light in 7 Colors

New items posted in my Second Life Marketplace Shop, this time is the indoor version of the Asian Relaxation Pond. The Asian Relaxation Tatami comes in 7 colors so you can match it to your other home decor and the design pillows hold a cuddles menu and meditation animation. There is also a asian lamp you can turn on or off my simply touching it.

Here is the SL Marketplace description and individual posters for each color option of the ..::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS Asian Relaxation Tatami.

"Thank you for purchasing the Asian Relaxation Tatami from ..::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS. For more color options please check out the other listings on my SL Shop (also listed in the main poster on the sides)
If you have any issues with the item you just purchased please IM or/and send a NOTECARD to Ariana Monaron and I'll do my best to help you solve them.
ATTENTION: No refunds will be made as this is a no transfer item.
The item is set to MOD/COPY/NO TRANS except for the scripts and textures who are set to NO MOD/COPY/NO TRANS.
The package box is set to MOD/COPY/NO TRANS.
The ANIMATION MENU is triggered by touching the design pillow on the pillow pile. The menu has 9 romantic animations.
The MEDITATION animation is triggered when sitting on either of the two single design pillows on the side.
The light, on or off, is triggered by touching the lamp.
Thank you

And the colors in:




Gold & Burgundy




Thank you and happy shopping,

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