Sunday, March 27, 2011

..::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS Fantasy Fairy/Elven Collection - Fantasy Cuddle Bed

I am proud to announce that yet another addition to the Fantasy Fairy/Elven Collection had been released and it's up for sale in my SL Marketplace Shop for 199L. The other items are the garden swing, the hot tub, the bunk beds, the garden decorations and the meditation circle.

The ..::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS Fantasy Fairy/Elven Collection - Fantasy Cuddle Bed had an animation menu with 9 different cuddles, you can see them below

The leaf bed stands on a beautiful canopy pedestal and the ones with a good imagination can use it as a dance floor as well. How? Well, the set is soft linked, meaning that you can rezz it as it is or use the individual pieces and because they are COPY/MOD/NO TRANS you can enlarge the canopy to transform it into a dance floor.

Below you can see the description and the poster as they are posted on my Second Life Marketplace Shop.

"Hello and thank you for taking an interest in the Fantasy Cuddle Bed from ..::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS. This set is part of the Fantasy Elven/Fairy Collection you can find in my SL Marketplace Shop and goes great in any fantasy themed home or sim. Please check them out at
The package contains the following:
- fantasy cuddle bed
-bed canopy
-this notecard
The above items are already arranged and soft linked in case you want to use the whole set as it was intended. This is also included in the package.
This item is set to Copy/Mod/No Trans, except for the animation inside which is set to No Mod, therefore there will be no refunds unless you purchased 2 sets by mistake.
The cuddle menu is activated by touching the right pillow and contains 9 animations:
If you have any problems with the menu just rezz a fresh copy of the bed or reset the menu (menu-options-ShutDown-restart).
If you have any issues with this item please send a IM or a Notecard to Ariana Monaron and she will try and help you with your problem as soon as possible.
Last, but not least, if you like the item, please rate it online.
Thank you,

And the poster

Thank you and happy shopping,

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