Monday, April 4, 2011

..::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS Buddhist Meditation Temple

This temple was a custom order and now it's available for sell in my SL Marketplace Shop at 250L. The Buddhist Meditation Temple also has an add-on, the meditation area which comes with 8 meditation pillows and meditation sounds embedded in the crystal.

Below you can read the description as posted on my Second Life Marketplace Shop and also the vendor poster.

"Hello and thank you for buying the Budhist Meditation Temple from ..::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS. For more asian themed items check out my SL Marketplace Shop located here


The package contains the following:

- the Budhist Meditation temple
-the complimentary Meditation Area that goes inside the temple house
-this notecard


This item  is set  to Copy/Mod/No Trans, except for the animation and scripts inside which are set to No Mod, therefore there will be no refunds unless you purchased 2 sets by mistake.


Lights On/Off - turn the lamps on or off by touching them

Water sound On/Off - turn the water sound on both ponds on or off by touching the water surface in the round ponds

Meditation Sound On/Off - turn the meditation sound on or off by touching the crystal

Meditation - to meditate simple sit on the pillows


If you have any issues with this item please send a IM or a Notecard to Ariana Monaron and she will try and help you with your problem as soon as possible.

Last, but not least, if you like the item, please rate it online.

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And the poster and pics

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